Where Will a Wedding Photographer in Edinburgh Take Photographs?

Many people understand that a Wedding Photographer Edinburgh will take photographs during and immediately after the ceremony. This typically results in some beautiful shots of the setting and provides many happy memories for the couple and those in attendance. What some people don’t realize is that the photographer is often open to providing services at events before and after that ceremony. Here are some examples.

Engagement Parties

It is not unusual for a photographer to be on hand when the happy couple holds an engagement party prior to the actual wedding. Events of this type may be in the form of a social event the week before, or even take place in the form or a rehearsal dinner the evening before the big event. The photographer can be right there to capture those events in the form of digital images and make them part of the overall wedding album.

The Reception

Many couples choose to have a reception once the wedding ceremony is completed. Typically, the guests will proceed to the reception hall while the couple and the wedding party remain behind for a few photographs. Once those are done, everyone proceeds to the hall. That includes the photographer.

For the next couple of hours, the photographer will spend time taking photographs of people as they go through the reception line and offer the new couple their best wishes. If the couple decided to open gifts at the reception, the smiles and surprised looks as they open each one will also be captured. The photographer will also roam through the hall and take random photos of people enjoying the food, engaging in deep conversation, and taking to the dance floor. All those random shots will be much appreciated when the couple reviews them later on.

The bottom line is that a wedding photographer is happy to help capture memories before, during, and after the actual ceremony. When booking the photographer, provide the dates and times for each event that the couple would like to have photographed. That will make it much easier for the photographer to commit to those times and ensure that the images capture happy memories up to and even after the ceremony is over.

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