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Ways You Can Personalize An Interfaith Ketubah

A ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract that you will most probably have if you will doing an interfaith Jewish wedding. The ketubah is one way for interfaith couples to include the Jewish culture into their wedding. You can have a lot of fun searching for a design you’ll love and thinking about what you want the text to say. There are probably a lot of questions in your mind. Here’s what you should know:

Your rabbi can tell you about what you’ll need.

There are stern rules regarding the text on an interfaith ketubah, even though it isn’t a legitimate document in the Jewish law. Classic ketubah text points out the groom and bride as believers of the Jewish law. The rabbi would not allow wordings on the ketubah that refer to both of them as Jewish followers since it wouldn’t be technically correct. Because your rabbi will have different rules than others, it is best to talk to him or her on what things are allowed and prohibited.

Make sure you find wordings that is acceptable for you both.
Even if most couples put more importance on the ketubah’s design, it is important to remember that this document will be with you for life and so it’s as important as the design. You can look for a lot of ketubah texts online. You can follow a text word for word, or you can compose your own.

Constructing your own text can be a special and meaningful part of planning your wedding. You can use two languages if you want by having your rabbi translate it for you.

Consult with your rabbi about your names

The next step once you have found the perfect ketubah and text is to decide how to go about with your names. When the other partner has a Jewish name, it is tradition to use it on the ketubah, together with the parents’ Hebrew names.

Get a proof when filling out the ketubah.

Once text and names have been figured out, you can now order your ketubah. Get your ketubah artist to fill in the information if you want a fancy look.

Getting a proof before finalizing the document is very important. Check for errors and make sure it is perfect before your ketubah will be created. Have your rabbi check it properly just to make sure. Allowing ample time for proofing is very crucial. To correct errors later on after you have signed off on the proof, you would have to pay extra to have it fixed.

A ketubah can be a great tradition to use in your interfaith wedding. Have a successful ketubah ceremony by applying these tips.


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