The Beginner’s Guide to Arts

Everything You Should Know Before You Do Your First Decoupage Project

Decoupage is something that individuals have done for well over a hundred years. As a matter of fact, the Victorian Era was the height of popularity for this activity. In recent years, decoupage has once again become rather popular. If you have developed an interest in the art of decoupaging, but you have yet to start working on a project, you ought to have fun reading through the remainder of this guide. As you read on, you’ll see several tips that are meant to help decoupage novices like yourself get started.

The purpose of basic guides like this one is to help you get started on your first project. They are not, however, engineered to answer specific questions you may have about your particular project. Luckily, there are dozens of other web-based articles that detail decoupaging topics; to find out anything you want to know, you’ll just have to spend some additional time conducting research. Within a short period of time, you should have all of the knowledge you need to turn yourself into a decoupage pro.

Figure Out What You Want to Decoupage

You can’t begin to decoupage something until you’ve thought about what you would like to decorate. If you’re willing to put forth some effort, you should have the ability to decoupage any item you can dream of. Certain individuals, for instance, take it upon themselves to decoupage full pieces of furniture; coffee tables happen to be particularly prevalent. Others, though, would rather tackle less massive items for their first projects; things like keepsake boxes and lampshades are good options.

Make Sure Your Item Is Prepped to Be Properly Decoupaged

There are several steps you need to take to make sure the article you’ve picked for your project is ready to be decoupaged. For instance, you must first dust the item off; this is particularly important if it’s been sitting in storage for some time. Then, you ought to wash your item off with water and a mild form of soap. Make sure the article is totally dry before you actually do any decoupaging.

Purchase All of the Appropriate Supplies

Whether you intend to become a decoupage hobbyist or you’re just doing one simple project, you’ll still have to have all of the same tools of the trade. The three most crucial things you should keep around your house are sharp scissors, rubber cement or craft glue, and a high-quality acrylic top coat. If you aren’t sure which craft supply brands are the best or if you aren’t sure exactly what you need to purchase, it would behoove you to spend time talking to someone who works at an art shop in your area.


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