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Surprising Your Girlfriend with a Gift She’ll Love Women are said to be the hardest to understand. Luckily, that’s not always the case when you’re trying to know what she’d like for a gift. You can start by getting ideas based on her interests, daily activities or style. What are the things that make her happy? Perhaps fashionable shoes, video games, or jewelry? Picture her and the kind of music she loves, the food she eats, upcoming movies she wants to see, the colors she loves wearing. These things can give you some very nice hints. What kind of girl is she? Is she a sweet, little doll or a toughie? Doe she cook? Does she have a thing for chocolates? Get her something according to what you know about her. Also look into her activities in her spare time. What are her hobbies? Show her you support her by getting her a gift that relates to these activities.
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If your girl is career-driven, look for clues based on that aspect of her life. If yes, what are the things she uses at work? Would she love to have a new bag? Perhaps a pen? Or get her an iTunes gift certificate to help boost her energy during her gym workouts?
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What are things that might make her life easier? Look around her kitchen or her bedroom. Maybe you can get her a coffeemaker or a lampshade on her bedside table? Go back to some recent conversations that could give you some clues. She might have told you what she wants, except she didn’t realize it. Did she tell you she broke a boot heel while catching the train? That’s your cue. Get her new boots. Girls love getting handmade gifts from guys they love. Maybe make her a hemp bracelet? It’s not important what you’ve got for her. It’s the effort that she really appreciates and she’ll love anything you’ve made for her. Maybe you have an inside joke or something that the two of you share. Use that to think of something to give her. Are you both fans of Iron Man? Watch a whole collection of Iron Man movies at home with her while all cozied up. This will even help you bond closer. Get creative. Think of a very simple gift. No need to be extravagant. Sometimes, the small ones count more. Get her a flower and leave it on her doorstep. And add a sweet little note to melt her. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to seek help. Ask her friends or her mother. These women always have nice gift ideas. If you still can’t decide on something, why don’t you just ask your girlfriend? It will take the surprise out of the picture, but at least, you’re sure you’ll make her happy.

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