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FAQs About Button Press Machines

Anyone who wants to make buttons needs to purchase a button press. Buttons are a very common promotional tool. Political candidates are particularly well-known for giving their supporters these types of promotional buttons. A button press allows you to create several different types of buttons. Here are some questions you might have when deciding which type of button press machine is best for you. With the help of these tips, you can select the button making machine that you need in order to grow your business.

You might want to first think about what size of button you want to make. For this, you need to use the standard sizes in whatever industry you will be primarily targeting with your business. If you want to be able to make several sizes of buttons, then you should look into buying an electric button press. Then, you would be able to insert various dies into the machine in order to get your desired size. But, these machines are more expensive than the manual machines. If you only need to make one size of button, then you should perhaps stick with the manual button machine. Another idea is to buy two manual machines in the sizes you will need. Be sure to ask your seller for a discount if you buy multiple machines.

Another common question concerns making the artwork that goes on the buttons. For this you can use any of the free or paid graphic design programs on the market. Additionally, there are also many free resources on the internet for gathering ideas and free designs. The type of paper you use for your button is also important. For photographs of people, for example, you should use photograph paper.

In this last section, you will learn about the various parts of a typical button. The clear part that covers the outside of the artwork is called the mylar. Underneath that, there is the button design itself. At the back of the button, there is the metal shell that holds all the parts together. After that, there is usually a pin that allows the wearer to attach the button to his or her clothing. Instead of a pin, you may want to put something else at the back of the button.

Some types of buttons require additional parts. A metal ring that sits underneath the mylar is called a collet. Sometimes you need to include a shim. Shims are how you can prevent your graphic from moving out of place. Often, you will be able to purchase button kits, which contain all of these parts, from the same company that sells your button press. Getting your button materials and button press from the same manufacturer helps ensure that all of your components work together.


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