Calgary’s Hip Image launches Canada’s only Photo Booth Boler Trailer


CALGARY, Alberta — Hip Image, Calgary’s freshest, most exciting mobile photo booth company, announced the upcoming addition of Canada’s first and only Boler trailer photo booth to its lineup. With reservations available starting in April, the retrofitted Boler photo booth will be rolling out to Calgary-area events beginning in May. Until then, those looking for easy, effective ways to build a brand, attract attention, or go viral on social media can learn more about the Hip Image Volkswagen Bus photo booth and other funky, distinctive options at

“With Buttercup, our 1972 Volkswagen Bus photo booth, having already livened up so many events in the area,” Hip Image co-founder Jo Williams said, “we’re excited to report that we’re almost ready to add another unique booth to our stables. Boler camping trailers are not just quirky and beautiful to behold, they’re a fascinating piece of Canadian history. Our own Boler trailer photo booth is now undergoing a thorough overhaul and will be ready to make any event memorable beginning in May. We’ll be accepting bookings starting starting immediately, so we invite all interested to get in touch using the information at “

Envisioned and established through a partnership between one of the province’s leading photographers and a twenty-year veteran of the public relations and event planning industries, Hip Image delivers creative, unique photo booth experiences throughout Calgary and its surroundings. Coupling a lovingly restored 1972 VW Bus named “Buttercup” with state-of-the-art digital photography equipment and other assets, the company made an impression on Calgary’s event scene from the start. Event planners who booked the photo booth bus, whether for an hour or an afternoon, enjoyed enthusiastic feedback from their audiences and clients, along with valuable social media buzz and brand building power.

Since then, the founders of Hip Image have continued elaborating on that undeniable basic appeal. Current clients can choose from over a dozen photo booth themes, ranging from classics like “Oh Canada Day” and “Stampeded Hoedown” to more modern options like “Nerd Alert” and “Outer Space.” In addition to crowd favorite Buttercup, customers can also request a vintage-styled pop-up set or a sophisticated green-screen that allows for jaw-dropping digital effects and backgrounds to be added. With full custom branding available and easy social media sharing enabled for every experience, Hip Image stands out like no other mobile photo booth company in Alberta.

The upcoming addition of a retrofitted Boler trailer photo booth to the company’s lineup will make it even more distinctive. Crafted from blue and white fiberglass, the retro-modern, Canadian-conceived Boler recalls a special bit of the country’s heritage in a particularly fun and memorable way. With renovation work proceeding smoothly, the Hip Image Boler photo booth will go into service in May and bookings will be accepted starting in April. Those interested in Buttercup, the Boler, or any of the company’s other options can learn more about the Hip Image photo booth experience at

About Hip Image:
Bringing funky, hip photo booths and themes to events throughout Calgary and Alberta, Hip Image helps clients build brands, draw social media attention, and ensure that their guests have fun, memorable experiences.


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