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How Are You Going to Know You’re Getting the Best Ketubah?

In the traditional Jewish marriage, ketubah or ketubot is a contract which plays a very important role. If you need your own ketubot, then you can check out some of your museum stores, gift shops or search for online shops. Several artists are now accepting customized ketubot who can do great designs for you. Your ketubot goes beyond your wedding event and this will help each of you remember about your responsibilities. This is the reason why you should spend some time weighing which ketubah design is right for you. You have to choose the right design for your ketubot. It is recommended to think and weigh things before making a decision since this is something you are going to place inside your new home.

When choosing a ketubah, here are some relevant things that you should put into consideration.

– First things first, know texts that are often utilized for ketubot. Your rabbi sure knows the commonly used texts. After, identify whether you and your partner like it. Of course, you need a text which is both understandable and meaningful. When you think that you need to change something in the text, then you can ask your rabbi. There are even cases wherein you are allowed to write the texts on your own to make it more memorable.

– The next thing to do is to determine if your chosen text is approved by your rabbi.

– Another essential factor to consider is when you wanted the text in your mother language. You can choose your own language or other preferred language. In fact, most couples would choose both languages.

– After, choose a text font or lettering type for your ketubot.

– For sure, you will want to meet the one who will do the ketubot design for you. This is the time when you can tell all of your concerns and suggestions. Ketubot is often treasured for the rest of your lives, so ask any questions you have in mind and inform the artist on what you personally want earlier. So, they will have ample of time to make some adjustments when necessary.

– You should also decide on the size of your ketubot. You need to have an extra inch since you will have to frame itt.

– It is also very essential to take note of the kind of paper to be utilized. Remember that high quality papers will help you ensure that your ketubot will last for a longer period of time.

So, before you choose you ketubot, be sure to consider these essential factors. Once you have chosen the right one, then you will enjoy its benefits.


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Ways You Can Personalize An Interfaith Ketubah

A ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract that you will most probably have if you will doing an interfaith Jewish wedding. The ketubah is one way for interfaith couples to include the Jewish culture into their wedding. You can have a lot of fun searching for a design you’ll love and thinking about what you want the text to say. There are probably a lot of questions in your mind. Here’s what you should know:

Your rabbi can tell you about what you’ll need.

There are stern rules regarding the text on an interfaith ketubah, even though it isn’t a legitimate document in the Jewish law. Classic ketubah text points out the groom and bride as believers of the Jewish law. The rabbi would not allow wordings on the ketubah that refer to both of them as Jewish followers since it wouldn’t be technically correct. Because your rabbi will have different rules than others, it is best to talk to him or her on what things are allowed and prohibited.

Make sure you find wordings that is acceptable for you both.
Even if most couples put more importance on the ketubah’s design, it is important to remember that this document will be with you for life and so it’s as important as the design. You can look for a lot of ketubah texts online. You can follow a text word for word, or you can compose your own.

Constructing your own text can be a special and meaningful part of planning your wedding. You can use two languages if you want by having your rabbi translate it for you.

Consult with your rabbi about your names

The next step once you have found the perfect ketubah and text is to decide how to go about with your names. When the other partner has a Jewish name, it is tradition to use it on the ketubah, together with the parents’ Hebrew names.

Get a proof when filling out the ketubah.

Once text and names have been figured out, you can now order your ketubah. Get your ketubah artist to fill in the information if you want a fancy look.

Getting a proof before finalizing the document is very important. Check for errors and make sure it is perfect before your ketubah will be created. Have your rabbi check it properly just to make sure. Allowing ample time for proofing is very crucial. To correct errors later on after you have signed off on the proof, you would have to pay extra to have it fixed.

A ketubah can be a great tradition to use in your interfaith wedding. Have a successful ketubah ceremony by applying these tips.


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The Preparation for your Ketubah Text

The Ketubah is one of the most important customs of a Jewish wedding. This can be related to a contact which needs to be signed by both parties in from of the people who are rabbi and witnesses.

The Jewish Ketubah was originally created to protect the woman and her children’s life in the future aside from symbolizing the wedding. This is because in case something not good happens to the marriage such as a divorce or separation, it will take care of the woman with regards to financial security.

It is important for the Ketubah to be carefully thought out besides its artwork and designs. This will really play a significant part not only in your married life but also your memory of the start of it which will start on your wedding ceremony. The Ketubah text is usually not set on priority unlike the designs that people pick however, it must be remembered that it is equally important.

The Ketubahor marriage contract will be with you forever. This means that aside from wanting it to look perfectly, you must also make sure that the text includes what you really want to say and that it is well written. In addition, the rabbi must approve it. It is always good to ask your Ketubah for advice with regards your text before you decide to finalize it.

There are lots of Ketubah that you can find online if you are trying to find one. This way you can choose from a lot of different designs. You must have a thorough and adequate reading for you to have an idea of what is out there. It is important to keep in mind that once you find Ketubah that you and your partner love, you must go to your rabbi who will officiate and ask for advice.

One problem you might encounter with this type of contract is finding a Ketubah with the design that you and your partner loves but the artist has chosen to put a different text. For this kind of situation, you can ask the artist to make a new one with the same design but with the text that you like. If you cannot find a Ketubah that you and your partner likes, one of your options is to make your own. This can be seen as a bonding and intimate time between you and your partner for you will be writing this together.

You can ask help from your rabbi with regard to the translation from modern Ketubah or English into Hebrew since this is mostly the used writing used in Ketubah text.


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How to Attain a Morally Sound Living

God has prepared great blessed opportunities for us, and keeping moral standards help us attain those. But, this is something missing with many people today. Modern people have less care on how to live with soundness and integrity. However, it is very crucial for people to start living right so they can be a model for the next generations. Each person should understand that are created more than just to exist.

The main reason for misery and hurt that people are experiencing today is less self-control. At this time, temperance is required to live a sound life. Know that the consequences of your actions will affect the world.

To maintain good morals mean living a life according to what is right. Know that you don’t have to stop yourself from enjoying the life you have just because you want to be morally sound. What you have to do is to balance your actions and make sure to weigh things before making a decision. So, before you have fun, be sure you are done with your responsibilities. This is balancing your life.

Do you know what are the different godly morals that you should start living with now? There are different opinions different people can offer. Although most of the views are right, it is still the truth that will tell what is right and wrong.

Developing and maintaining good morals are achievable, but here are some things you need to put into consideration.

– Always bear in mind that your responsibility should come first before you pleasures and choices. You will sure be into trouble when you let your pleasure bring you with no proper judgement. A moral base will help you achieve true success which everyone is wanting to have.

– You have to be ready with the fact that most people will be against you. This is what often happens. People will consider you as weird and strange. But, that doesn’t mean that you will not get God’s sympathy and blessings to be poured on people with integrity and morality. Despite the fact that you won’t be praised by many people, you will sure be someone that can be trusted.

– It is very important to understand that although your pleasure may not happen right now, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to happen. There is sure a right time when you can have this pleasure. Do not do pleasure because it is already popular today, but because God has allowed you to do it. Remember, not all things popular are right.

– Finally, know and accept the fact that it is God who has the highest standards of golden morals which you should start living by now. Read His Words and you will learn what are the standards of life that you should follow. Remember that nothing will he withhold to someone who is worth it.


Calgary’s Hip Image launches Canada’s only Photo Booth Boler Trailer


CALGARY, Alberta — Hip Image, Calgary’s freshest, most exciting mobile photo booth company, announced the upcoming addition of Canada’s first and only Boler trailer photo booth to its lineup. With reservations available starting in April, the retrofitted Boler photo booth will be rolling out to Calgary-area events beginning in May. Until then, those looking for easy, effective ways to build a brand, attract attention, or go viral on social media can learn more about the Hip Image Volkswagen Bus photo booth and other funky, distinctive options at

“With Buttercup, our 1972 Volkswagen Bus photo booth, having already livened up so many events in the area,” Hip Image co-founder Jo Williams said, “we’re excited to report that we’re almost ready to add another unique booth to our stables. Boler camping trailers are not just quirky and beautiful to behold, they’re a fascinating piece of Canadian history. Our own Boler trailer photo booth is now undergoing a thorough overhaul and will be ready to make any event memorable beginning in May. We’ll be accepting bookings starting starting immediately, so we invite all interested to get in touch using the information at “

Envisioned and established through a partnership between one of the province’s leading photographers and a twenty-year veteran of the public relations and event planning industries, Hip Image delivers creative, unique photo booth experiences throughout Calgary and its surroundings. Coupling a lovingly restored 1972 VW Bus named “Buttercup” with state-of-the-art digital photography equipment and other assets, the company made an impression on Calgary’s event scene from the start. Event planners who booked the photo booth bus, whether for an hour or an afternoon, enjoyed enthusiastic feedback from their audiences and clients, along with valuable social media buzz and brand building power.

Since then, the founders of Hip Image have continued elaborating on that undeniable basic appeal. Current clients can choose from over a dozen photo booth themes, ranging from classics like “Oh Canada Day” and “Stampeded Hoedown” to more modern options like “Nerd Alert” and “Outer Space.” In addition to crowd favorite Buttercup, customers can also request a vintage-styled pop-up set or a sophisticated green-screen that allows for jaw-dropping digital effects and backgrounds to be added. With full custom branding available and easy social media sharing enabled for every experience, Hip Image stands out like no other mobile photo booth company in Alberta.

The upcoming addition of a retrofitted Boler trailer photo booth to the company’s lineup will make it even more distinctive. Crafted from blue and white fiberglass, the retro-modern, Canadian-conceived Boler recalls a special bit of the country’s heritage in a particularly fun and memorable way. With renovation work proceeding smoothly, the Hip Image Boler photo booth will go into service in May and bookings will be accepted starting in April. Those interested in Buttercup, the Boler, or any of the company’s other options can learn more about the Hip Image photo booth experience at

About Hip Image:
Bringing funky, hip photo booths and themes to events throughout Calgary and Alberta, Hip Image helps clients build brands, draw social media attention, and ensure that their guests have fun, memorable experiences.


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Tips In Choosing The Right Ketubah

If you want to know more information about ketubah, then this article is a good read for you. For those who don’t know what ketubah is, it is like a marriage contract for some people. It is one of the traditional marriages for some groups of people. If you are planning to order the ketubah, you can do that now online. If you want to order ketubah, you can find lots of painters and artists these days who can do a unique and customized ketubah depending on your preferences. There are some people who like to have their own customized and unique ketubah so that it can last longer even after the wedding. When it comes to using the ketubah, the couple will make it as their reminder of their responsibilities as husbands and wives. If you want the best ketubah for you, then you have to choose carefully. Aside from that, you also need to make sure that the ketubah you choose is the one that you really like. The truth is that there are some people out there who enjoy hanging the ketubah on their walls as their reminders. By saying this, you need to be careful in choosing the ketubah for you. In this article, you can learn the questions you need to ask before buying or ordering a ketubah Aside from that, you can also learn the factors you need to consider when choosing for the right ketubah for your wedding day.

The first tip is to research the different traditional texts related to Ketubah. In order to know more information about Ketubah,you can consider asking people around for their recommendations. If you want, you can also search for the best Ketubah out there on the internet as some are doing.

The next important tip you need to check is the approval of the rabbi of the Ketubah text you have chosen. Aside from that, when it comes to choosing for the best Ketubah out there, you need to also consider the language that the texts are written. Because of this, you need to make sure that the language you choose for the Ketubah is one that you prefer the most. The common Ketubah languages written are English and Hebrew. There are also different text fonts available for Ketubah, therefore you need to choose one that you like. The next tip would be to talk to the Ketubah artist that you have chosen for the designs. The reason for this is to ensure that you get a Ketubah according to your preferences and for the artist to make some adjustments. Aside from that, you also need to consider the size of the Ketubah you want. Aside from that, it is also important to choose only high quality paper for your Ketubah so that it can used for a long time.


Epic Video Factory Publishes Exclusive New Guide to Video Marketing for Retail


TORONTO — Epic Video Factory, a leading video production agency, published a new guide covering the effective use of video for retail marketing. Available now at, the new guide details how retailers can extract impressive, concrete returns from their investments into videos that demonstrate or explain particular products. With a proven, straightforward, six-step process that delivers real results to clients, Epic Video Factory regularly works with retailers and companies in a wide range of other industries on business-building video production projects.

“There can be no doubt that online video marketing has really come of age,” Epic Video Factory Director of Video Production Darnell Moses said, “Just how to employ this powerful approach in particular industries, though, is not always so obvious. Our brand new guide tackles one of the most common questions among those looking into their video marketing options. In a clear, to-the-point manner, it shows how retailers can make great use of video for their own marketing purposes.”

If there has been a single most striking outcome of the high-speed Internet connections that are increasingly the norm, it has been the eagerness with which users have employed them to watch video. With video streaming services like Netflix now collectively accounting for somewhere around 70% of the peak bandwidth usage on the Internet, according to broadband firm Sandvine, video is a top priority for users everywhere.

Video also consistently proves to be the most engaging and influential digital medium, too. Hosting platform Brightcove estimates that video generates 1200% more social network shares than text and images combined, with seven in ten marketers now agreeing that video produces more conversions than content of any other kind, according to video marketing specialist Vidyard.

The new Epic Video Factory guide to the use of video for retail marketing details how this powerful medium can be best employed by those in one of the most challenging industries of all. While some retailers assume that individual products will be unable to justify the creation of video assets, the reality often turns out to be otherwise, as the new guide clearly demonstrates.

With an easy six-stage process that makes it simple to create powerful, persuasive product demonstration or explainer videos that directly contribute to improved sales levels, Epic Video Factory has worked with dozens of retail clients, along with many more in other industries, to achieve the kinds of results detailed in the new guide. The guide is available now at the Epic Video Factory website, where samples of the company’s past work and more information about its services can also be found.

About Epic Video Factory:
Epic Video Factory is one of Toronto’s leading video production agencies, always working to deliver results that help clients achieve their goals and do more business.


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Surefire Benefits Of Choosing A Professional Custom Button Pins Manufacturer

Button pins are without any reasonable doubt the mainly utilized fasteners in clothing today. Button pins are usually made of wire or clutch are commonly anchored in the rear side of a button-shaped disk. Today, the pin manufacturing industry has lots of skilled manufacturers who make dissimilar sizes and styles of custom button pins. When in search of custom button pins, picking a good manufacturer will benefit you in many ways among which are mentioned here in the below article.

Professional custom button pin manufacturers create premium products that include weather-resistant and high-gloss finishes. These experts always create products that have the best quality color and weather-resistant features. Mandating such experts with the work of creating your custom button pins will thus give you peace of mind as you will be assured of getting quality products at the end.

Manufacturing companies that manufacture custom button pins usually have passion for their work. Such companies are usually ready to work as per their client wishes and always complete projects on time. If such companies give you a pledge to get the custom button pins you ordered created within certain frame of time, you need not to worry as they will make sure they do what they exactly promised.

The custom button pins created by skilled manufacturers always feature full color graphics. They usually print their buttons with the most ground-breaking digital press in the market which makes sure that such buttons do not only look but also work superbly. When you decide to get a skilled custom button pins manufacturer to create your button pins, you will for that reason be guaranteed of getting high quality products that will meet your color graphics preferences.

Licensed and expert pin button makers are got the knowledge and professionalism to make custom button pins with varying styles and sizes. They have the knowledge to create over, rectangular, round as well as square buttons. They likewise make button pins with different sizes ranging from large, medium to small. That means, irrespective of the size and style of custom button pins you want, you are sure to have your needs attended to appropriately.

When in search of custom button pins manufacturer, it is important to search for someone you feel you can rely on and trust. You will need to assess a number custom button pins makers so as to be in a position to gather enough details about the quality of custom button pins they make, the way they price such buttons and their credibility. Do not forget to check on the experience of each of the manufacturers you wish to work with as well as their track record in order to avoid cases when you will hire someone only to be astonished later after discovering that they are not whom they claim to be.


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FAQs About Button Press Machines

Anyone who wants to make buttons needs to purchase a button press. Buttons are a very common promotional tool. Political candidates are particularly well-known for giving their supporters these types of promotional buttons. A button press allows you to create several different types of buttons. Here are some questions you might have when deciding which type of button press machine is best for you. With the help of these tips, you can select the button making machine that you need in order to grow your business.

You might want to first think about what size of button you want to make. For this, you need to use the standard sizes in whatever industry you will be primarily targeting with your business. If you want to be able to make several sizes of buttons, then you should look into buying an electric button press. Then, you would be able to insert various dies into the machine in order to get your desired size. But, these machines are more expensive than the manual machines. If you only need to make one size of button, then you should perhaps stick with the manual button machine. Another idea is to buy two manual machines in the sizes you will need. Be sure to ask your seller for a discount if you buy multiple machines.

Another common question concerns making the artwork that goes on the buttons. For this you can use any of the free or paid graphic design programs on the market. Additionally, there are also many free resources on the internet for gathering ideas and free designs. The type of paper you use for your button is also important. For photographs of people, for example, you should use photograph paper.

In this last section, you will learn about the various parts of a typical button. The clear part that covers the outside of the artwork is called the mylar. Underneath that, there is the button design itself. At the back of the button, there is the metal shell that holds all the parts together. After that, there is usually a pin that allows the wearer to attach the button to his or her clothing. Instead of a pin, you may want to put something else at the back of the button.

Some types of buttons require additional parts. A metal ring that sits underneath the mylar is called a collet. Sometimes you need to include a shim. Shims are how you can prevent your graphic from moving out of place. Often, you will be able to purchase button kits, which contain all of these parts, from the same company that sells your button press. Getting your button materials and button press from the same manufacturer helps ensure that all of your components work together.


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How to Find the Best in Arts and Entertainment

Many people go throughout their daily life just puttering along because they are looking for the next thrill or the next thing that will get them that high that they have been looking for. One example of this would be the classic example of the working person that wants to have a thrill or two after work every night, but it can be very hard to find a place to get those thrills. The one thing that most people do not realize right now is that there is an arts and entertainment industry out there that is currently providing people just like you the thrills that they need. You might just be looking for a quick movie thrill at the end of the day, or you might be trying to just keep up with the times, but whatever your reason might be, you should look into the arts and entertainment companies out there right now. If you can get a quality entertainment company on your side in the near future, you might just be able to unwind after a long day easier than ever.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to the arts and entertainment industry, so make sure you do your part and look into all of the options before you make your final decision. There might be a lot of companies out there right now, but you have the power to research them all and form a list of all of them because you have the Internet at your disposal.You might think that it would be hard to get all of the information about all of theses companies in a timely manor, but you can use the Internet and compile all of the information on there with a simple list. If you truly want to be thorough, and you want the best results possible, you should make sure you seek out the user ratings that are out there for all of the companies. It might not be a walk in the park, but if you can get information together, you should be able to make an informed decision based on facts and figures. You can take a deep breath now, though because there is just one step left.

The million dollar thing that you have to worry about before you pull the trigger on your arts and entertainment company is the pricing for their services, so make sure you take that into consideration as well. If you have any other questions, or you just want to get started with the perfect company right now, you should contact a professional in the industry that knows what he or she is doing. If you can do your homework right now, and you can find the best in the business, you might be able to get the perfect arts and entertainment company on your side before it is too late!