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Looking for a Drum Set for Beginners If you intend to purchase a drum set for newbies, watch out for kits that come with everything. It will be easier for you to get started with these deals because they’re complete. Whatever you need is already right there. They may not give you the best accessories, but no worries as will not be a problem later on. Besides, this is only the beginning. Eventually, you can buy better drum heads, cymbals or bass drum pedal if you must. Little by little, you can upgrade your set until it becomes more professional. Like they say, success is sweeter when you began from the bottom. If your budget is quite generous, you can get a branded set from a well trusted company. These kits offer better warranty and are easier to sell or trade if you think you’d like to get a better one. Of course, this is not surprising because these are large industry figures. You can purchase a 5-piece set with cymbals for around $1000 (discounted). Any deals cheaper than that may have a problem with quality. Also remember that cymbals are not always included in drum sets, and if they’re included, they’re not always very good. In that scenario, you need to buy your cymbals separately. Some packages of 3 or 4 cymbals may be offered and they are cheaper than having to buy them individually. When you compare prices, note that a large chunk of the cost of a kit, if it includes cymbals, goes to the cymbals.
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If you’re a parent buying a kit for a child and you’re not sure if they really want to play, why not start with one of those sets that cost a nice $299? Whatever brand you get, it doesn’t matter because they’re all the same. Then get some heads (online, you’ll find pack for a standard 5-piece kit for $60) and of course, cymbals. Buy a used pedal and boom cymbal stand at a pawnshop and you’ve got a complete set.
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Always check the set you’re planning to buy, and see whether or not the bass drum pedal is flimsy or if the stands are double-braced. For better cymbal placement, also ensure that the cymbal stands have boom arms. Beginners will only need 3 cymbals – the hi-hat, ride and crash. They may want more, but those are really the only ones they need to get started. Later on, cymbals can be added. You have to note that the best-sounding kit is not going to improve your playing. Practice is what makes your playing get better. If you start with a cheaper starter kit, you will feel more eager to improve its sound by improving your playing. Later on, it will be easy to upgrade your set.